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Ludlow Bin Cleaning Services

S.A.M Home & Garden Improvements is your one-stop shop for all your bin cleaning needs! With our fast, reliable, and affordable services, you'll be sure to have a fresh and clean bin in no time. 

Our bin cleaning service offers an easy and convenient way to maintain your bins. For only £6 a month per bin, we will clean your bin with eco-friendly solutions and leave it looking like new. Let us take the hassle out of keeping your bins clean and hygienic.

How each bin is cleaned.

  • Heavy dirt and grime are scrapped from each bin

  • Sprayed with an Eco-friendly degreasing solution and then scrubbed

  • Each bin is then jet-washed clean from all the dirt and grime

  • Exterior scrubbed, cleaned, and wiped

  • To finish, the bins are sprayed with an eco-friendly anti-bacterial solution  

Fill out the form below to book your bin clean by card. Call or message Sam on 07737226325 if you want to pay by bank transfer or cash.

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